Calories, balanced diets, portion control, and more! Check out Dr. Kay's holiday health tips to keep you feeling fit from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Healthy For The Holidays!

Overeating can be difficult to avoid during the holiday season. While one large meal isn’t going to have a lasting effect on you waistband, it’s a good idea to know how many calories you should be consuming a daily basis. Below are some easy calculations to figure out your daily calorie needs! These are general…

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Learn about Dr. Kay's simple botox Lip Flip that's been gaining so much popularity. Whether natural-looking or more dramatic, your new pout is a call away!

All About My Signature Lip Flip

One of the best ways to achieve luscious lips is by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers. Another approach to creating a fuller pout that is gaining popularity in my practice is my signature lip flip with Botox! This procedure involves injecting micro-droplets of Botox in the area above the upper lip into the circular muscle around…

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