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The Secret Behind Iron Deficiency

Red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs and deliver it throughout the body. Iron in blood cells is incorporated into proteins, directly binding to oxygen. Iron is an essential mineral in our diets that is required for proper red blood cell function and other processes related to the cell cycle. Hair loss and fatigue…

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The Power of Nutrition

Creams, serums, are sunscreen are all important for radiant skin, but what we put in our bodies can be as equally important. Studies have shown that diets rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E can greatly improve the appearance of skin. Overall diet composition and certain fatty acids also play a role…

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Learn which types of alchohol leave your skin feeling dry and dull or bright and supple! Dr. Kay's insights just may give you a new way to drink responsibly

The Benefits of Resveratrol

With our Champagne and Pearls party around the corner, it only seems fitting to talk about the good and bad effects alcohol has on the body. Resveratrol is a natural phenol that can be found in wine and champagne. It is known that having a glass of red wine a night can reap a plethora…

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